Addresses and Contacts: Webbased Management

Use for your address management in your organization. You have shared access for different users in your organization or company to edit, share and control your contacts and addresses. The system also offers a newsletter-system and management for contact lists. 3 | Desktop ©

Manage your Contacts and Addresses

Your address-database and contact-database are based on a web-only system. So you do not need to install any software but a web browser. Use to manage your addresses and contacts instead of fooling around with hundreds of files and contact-sheets in your organization. You can define different criteria and values for your search and categorization.

Use to send Newsletters

You can use also to send newsletters, there is a simple and easy to use newsletter system as an integrated part of the software. You can preview your newsletters which can be created in HTML-styles and send to different lists of contacts.

Manage your Contacts on Mobile Devices

Not only on your desktop computer, but also on your smartphone or tablet device, you can manage your contacts and addresses with by echonet. The system is built responsive, so it automatically fits the size of the device you are using. 3 | Phones ©

Shop-like Basket for your Contacts

One of the new important features of is basket-system. As you may know it from your online shopping tours, you can also collect addresses in your address database to a new basket and create a new sending-list with them. Collect your addresses in the address management software as long as you like and as many as you like. Finally you can add them to one of your distribution and sending lists or you can create a new sending list with the content of your basket. 3 | Screen Only 01 © 3 | Screen Only 02 © 3 | Screen Only 03 © 3 | Screen Only 04 © 3 | Screen Only 05 ©